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2024 RH14-3 KYMRON Mini Track Excavator. This excavator has a 14 HP Briggs and Stratton gas engine. The RH14-3 is a step up and comes in different color options. This model is a step up in the R- Series and has an upgraded hydraulic pump unlike the competition. The KYMRON RH14-3 has upgrades like solid steel hydraulic lines on the boom along with a modern molded control console with digital gauges and upgraded spool valves for super smooth operation for doing precise work. This machine weighs 2,200Lbs and can lift upward of 1,500LBS which is quite impressive! The RH14-3 has an ergonomic control console placement so you can sit up straight in the operator station and operate comfortably. This Excavator also has a large hydraulic oil cooler to keep working all day.


The advantage of KYMRON machines is our exclusive design which is set up to allow name brand Hydraulic Pumps, Drives and Motors from Parker USA and Eaton USA to be installed as direct replacements on our machinery.


The RH14-3 has an upgraded directional spool valve block that is manufactured to the tightest of tolarences to make a smooth comfortable operation.


Some upgrades from the good ole original RH14G that have been added to the RH14-3 include.


Large hydraulic oil cooler

Grease tension tracks

Modern control console / digital gauges

A foot pedal is added for operating the hydraulic thumb.

Rigid steel hard plumbed lines down the boom

upgraded spool valve system for buttery smooth control.


This version includes the factory installed (side Swing Feature) which allows you to swing the boom approximately 45 degrees to the left or right to get into tight spaces and position the boom to dig parallel to walls and fences.




- 1-Year Powertrain Warranty

- Side swing feature

- 1500Lbs lifting force

- Includes Standard Hydraulic Thumb

- 2,200 lbs. Operating Weight

- 14 HP American Briggs and Stratton engine

- Upgraded Pump 6GPM

- Upgraded Drive Motors

- Upgraded Hydraulic Oil Cooling System

- Upgraded spool valves

- Hard Plumbed Lines

- Foot Pedal Auxiliary/Thumb Control

- Hydraulic Tension Wheel

- Digital Gauges

- Arm Rests

- Upgraded Counter Weight
- 16" Bucket with side skirts and teeth

- Dozer Blade

- Auxiliary Hydraulics

- 4-Post metal canopy top

- Canopy

- LED Boom Light

- Operator Manual




- Total Height: 7' 2"

- Total Width: 37"

- Track Width: 7"

- Track Length: 48"

- Track to Blade: 54"




- Max. Digging Depth: 5'5

- Max. Digging Height: 8'7

- Max. Digging Radius: 9' 4"

- Max. Dumping Height: 6'


These excavators are new units and attachments are available. Low cost of ownership and very affordable price compared to a big brand unit which would run you upwards of $28,000. Come try one out and put it to the test! Save yourself all the money from rental or excavator costs and own a unit today. We have all replacement parts in stock across our dealer network.


Below is a list of examples of how our parts prices are much lower than competitors such as Bobcat & Kubota. Our parts are exclusively for our customers. If you purchased a knock-off brand excavator please do not call us as we will not sell you parts, and trust us they don't have ALL parts like we do.


Throttle Cable ($35) | Track Tensioner ($40) | Air Filter ($60) | Seal Kit ($40) | Main Boom Cylinder ($250) | Upper Cylinder ($250) | Track ($300) | Main Drive Motor ($300)

KYMRON RH14-3 Mini Excavator (w/ Side Swing Boom)

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